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"At the start I was impressed by the knowledge Tania has about health and all things related to it. I am glad I found her and I am in her good hands. To be 'struck' suddenly by Bell's palsy and being a singer was a huge shock for me. Researching everything about the condition showed me I was faced with the prospect of long term recovery ( meaning up to 9 months ) and the possibility of being left with some visible signs not fully recovered. I was surprised that Tania used acupuncture not only on points on my disfigured face but according to true TCM principles also on other parts of my body. After 6 weeks of intensive treatments it was hardly recognizable how I looked before. Now we are in the mode of maintenance treatments and all is back to normal , including my solo part with my choir".
I.M , Banbury

"I never had acupuncture before but several people recommended that it might help with my severe migraines, from which I suffered for many years. They always started with visual disturbances, then severe pain and intolerance to light. They could last for 2-3 days and as a result of it I couldn't go to work . With Tania's treatments they became less frequent and less intense until they fully 'disappeared'. With Tania you have to understand, that she never promises success - but I can count for many of her 100 percent successes. Now I am coming to her for regular maintenance treatment and a boost of energy, which every woman - teacher and mother of three can do with".
N.R , Bicester

"I continue, now for many years , to seek treatments from Tania Duby because of my ongoing satisfaction with my symptoms relief as well as with the professionalism , patient care and overall excellent service I receive from her".
J.W , Didcot

"I have been treated at first by Tania in the hospice in Oxford, but after she retired from there I felt I had to continue to receive her treatments because they proved to be very beneficial for me, not only on the physical but the mental and emotional level, too . Her caring for patients is amazing! Real five stars !"
M.W , Banbury

"My Trigeminal neuralgia was hardly touched by conventional treatments. Heavy medication led only to slight relief of this severe pain condition. As a last resource I thought : 'lets try something unconventional' starting with acupuncture . Because the condition was very chronic it took us some time to gradually accumulate sufficient effects of the acupuncture treatments - until I reached the happy ending of being completely pain free. Now, years later, I am coming to Tania not only for regular preventative treatment, as I can't imagine having to bear this severe pain again, but also with any new symptom, be it physical or any emotional distress, of which there were several during these years . Her help is very professional as well as very personal" .
S.P , Oxford

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